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      Nothing is so enticing to those of us doing this farm thing as the words, ‘free range’.  Tell the truth, you just sighed a little didn’t you?  That’s because you don’t live with the poop.  Hint for newbies, I have no idea how to fix this problem so feel free to send any advice you have!

      Free range chickens and the guineas that guard them are beautiful and fun to watch.  We have three guineas, one we’ve named Tolly because it reminds us of a First Sargent Charles had in Germany.  Tolly flies to the top railing of the fence gate and waxes loud and long while the chickens pour out of the coop to begin their rigorous day of eating my flowers and pooping on the driveway.

      Do I have fluffy cakes and fabulous omelets?  Yes, I do, and I appreciate it ever so much.  However, the driveway poop is another matter entirely.  What is in chicken poop that makes it a combination of slime and concrete???  Honestly!  If you step in it you can slide to Canada but if you try to wash it off the driveway with a water hose it will not move.  Frankly I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t a communist plot.  Those of us born in the 1960’s know there is nothing worse than a communist plot.  Nothing.  Hence my ponder…some of those chickens are really red.  Just sayin’.