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      St. Croix Hair Sheep


      • Ewe lambs
        • Purebred St Croix – $400
        • St Croix cross – $350
      • Proven ewes – $450
      • Ram lambs – $375
      • Proven rams – $500

      Taking deposits now for 2022 lambs and proven rams

      • $50/head will ensure your purchase.
      • Anticipate approximately 75 purebred St Croix ewe lambs
      • Anticipate approximately 200 St Croix-cross ewe lambs

      MJ and I chose the St Croix sheep for three primary reasons:

      • They’re a rare breed and we are interested in preserving the species
      • They’re highly parasite resistant, which fits into our farming model of no vaccinations/worming to the whole flock (in fact, we will cull animals if they ever come down with worms in order to strengthen the overall flock resistance)
      • As a hair sheep, they only grow a coat for the Winter and shed it each Spring, so there is no need to shear.

      We also discovered, after owning them for a year, that they’re much easier to manage than cattle (we started out with the Dexter heritage breed).  This is a critical factor if you’re no longer young and spry…which we were shocked to discover we aren’t.

      Management approach as we expand:


        • Use only registered and/or purebred St Croix rams
          • Maintain heritability of parasite resistance
          • Maintain heritability of good hooves
        • Build high-quality set of ewes
          • Buy from reputable ranches
          • Retain ewes that meet our standards
        • Lambing with nature’s seasons for west-central Missouri
          • Breeding in mid-Nov/early-Dec
          • Lambing mid-Apr through mid-May, ensuring fresh Spring grass and avoiding extreme temperatures
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      Creek Bridge for Sheep Crossing

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      Feeding Time

      Feeding Time

      In John 21:16, Jesus, after having asked Peter three times if he loved him, told Peter to feed my sheep. While a bit out context, this verse has been on my mind this week and particularly today, Easter Sunday, as MJ and I have been bottle feeding two lambs rejected by...

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      Chickens and Guineas and Poop, Oh My

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